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Yui Software Limited (YSL) is a software development and consultancy company which is providing Electronic Medical Record(EMR) software with dominant market share in Japan. EMR is a huge database to which doctors and nurses record all patients information such as observation, consideration, treatment, dosing, testing order/results, medical plan etc. And the information stored in EMR database is re-used for many objective such as medical insurance invoicing and auditing/checking of medical treatment, medical statistics etc.

EMR is becoming one of the most important tools in Japanese medical industry because it can reduce the medical expence while increasing the quality of medical care. Japanese medical insurance expenditure is 2 Trilllion HKD a year (which is 20-30% of PRC's GDP) and it is still growing by the rapid aging of population. EMR is the key for this issue and we are participating major role.

YSL's main mission is Research and Development (R&D) of EMR technologies. YSL is dealing with the highest and most update computer and communication technologies to find out possible application in medial field.

Also YSL is modifying EMR software for international use. YSL will become the base of our international business. You may be given opportunities to work in other countries. YSL can offer you the experience and the training of researching, developing, marketing and maintaining high quality industry level software products. YSL has a skill to train best students to become real world class professionals in long term.

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